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Movable Partitions

Divide Up Your Space to Enhance Privacy and Productivity

Featuring flexible, rotating hinges that allow for a wide range of configurations, you can customise the layout of any space in moments with movable partitions. Our movable partition wall systems are made from lightweight yet durable materials and are easy for anyone to use without having to lift them.

After use, the movable wall panels can be folded up neatly and stored away with ease, ready for future use.

Choosing the Perfect Mobile Partitions

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Which movable partition wall system is right for you will depend on a number of factors, including the space available to you and how you intend to use your portable walls.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Movable Partitions

  • The dimensions of the space (height, length, and width)
  • Your acoustic needs
  • Soft, pinnable fabric or hard, polycarbonate panels
  • Your cleaning and maintenance requirements

Key Features of Movable Partitions

Featuring freestanding movable wall panels made from either soft fabric or hard polycarbonate, our portable dividers are connected by rotating hinges and stand on lockable wheels or sturdy legs.

The no pinch-seams keep fingers safe during setup, while the tip-resistant design ensures safety for all, even in the event of a heavy impact. This means they can safely be used as classroom or daycare room dividers.

All our movable partition wall systems are made from lightweight yet sturdy materials that make them easy for almost any individual to set up. The portable walls require no costly installation processes or permits, making them a popular choice for businesses operating out of a rented space where permanent alterations may not be permitted or practical.

Fluted Polycarbonate vs Acoustic Fabric

Choosing the Right Material for Your Movable Wall Panels

Both polycarbonate and acoustic fabric portable walls offer their own unique acoustic qualities, so it’s important to consider your needs before selecting a material.

  • Polycarbonate is a hard, waterproof, and medical-grade material that offers sound-reflecting qualities but won’t reduce echoing within a space.
  • Acoustic fabric is a soft, pinnable, sound-dampening material that can minimise both noise and echoing within a room.

When Are Fabric Portable Dividers the Best Option?

Our fabric portable dividers are our most popular products as they minimise both noise and echoing within a space. This makes them a fabulous choice for use as movable office walls where they can improve staff comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Covered in pinnable fabric on both sides, the folding panels can be decorated with photos, memos, events, notices, and more to personalise the space or enhance productivity with visual displays. They can even be used as portable display panels to show off artwork or to support visual learners at school.

For travelling sports teams where facilities are not always guaranteed, or for gyms where permanent change rooms are not available, movable partitions can be used as portable dressing rooms.

If you wish to discuss further customisations of your movable partitions, such as the installation of portable white board panels, please contact Portable Partitions today.

When Polycarbonate Portable Dividers are Best?

Made from hard polycarbonate, which is a medical-grade material that’s waterproof and easy to wipe clean, polycarbonate portable dividers are designed to reflect sound rather than absorb it.

This means that they don’t reduce reverberation, and may actually increase perceived echoing within a space. However, their sound-reflecting qualities means that they can prevent noise from reaching the other side of the partition, which can help minimise distraction while enhancing privacy.

These movable wall panels are often used as a medical screen on wheels, allowing patients to feel more comfortable as they rest and recover in private. The waterproof surface also makes them a more appropriate option for restaurants, pubs, and other places where food or drinks are being served.

The Benefits of Mobile Partitions

Have any questions about our movable partition wall systems? Speak to a specialist

While some acoustic performance has been exchanged for a more flexible, lightweight, and portable design, our mobile dividers still offer outstanding sound dampening or sound reflecting qualities.

Whether you’re searching for a movable soundproof partition wall or smaller, 3-panel portable acoustic screens, our portable dividers offer a range of benefits that fixed or more permanent partitioning solutions cannot achieve.

  • Flexible: Configures to almost any shape to fit your space
  • Portable: All partitions are made from lightweight and highly portable materials
  • Cost-effective: Set up requires no costly installation. Free shipping and installation anywhere in Singapore
  • Acoustic performance: Choose between sound dampening fabric or sound reflecting polycarbonate
  • Easy storage: All partitions fold up for quick, easy, and convenient storage

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