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Foldable Room Dividers

A Flexible Design for Limitless Configurations

Featuring flexible rotating hinges that allow the panels to be set up in a range of different configurations, foldable room dividers offer endless possibilities for customising your space.

Freestanding, so there’s no need for expensive or time-consuming installation processes, our folding partition screens are easy for almost anyone to use and require no heavy lifting. Simply roll them into place and lock them into position when needed, then fold them up and roll them away again for easy storage when not in use.

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Choosing Your Foldable Rooms Dividers

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Made from high quality yet lightweight materials, our folding walls are trusted by industry leaders throughout Singapore. But deciding which foldable room dividers will best suit your needs depends on a number of factors.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Folding Partitions

  • The dimensions of the space (height, width, and length)
  • Whether you’ll need sound dampening or sound reflecting qualities
  • Soft, pinnable fabric or hard polycarbonate panels
  • Cleaning and hygiene requirements

Folding Screen Room Divider Features

Foldable partition walls feature freestanding panels connected by rotating hinges and mounted on smooth-gliding wheels. The folding panels can be configured to a range of different shapes to suit virtually any space, while the wheels allow the folding walls to be rolled into position and set up on almost any flat indoor surface, including carpeted floors.

Made from lightweight and sturdy materials, our folding screens are low-cost yet high-quality products that are so versatile they can be used in just about any space or industry.

Our foldable walls boast a tip-resistant design and patented no-pinch seams that are specifically designed for safety and stability, even in the event of a heavy impact. This means they can be used in environments such as schools and childcare centres where safety is of the highest priority.

Fluted Polycarbonate vs Acoustic Fabric

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Folding Partitions

Offering excellent acoustic performance no matter which material you choose, our folding room dividers can be made from either sound dampening fabric or sound reflecting polycarbonate.

  • Polycarbonate is a hard, waterproof, and medical-grade material that reflects sound but won’t reduce echoing within a space.
  • Acoustic fabric is a soft, pinnable, sound absorbing surface that minimises both noise and echoing.

When to Use Fabric Acoustic Screens?

The pinnable fabric on these folding walls is best used in spaces where both noise and echoing are a problem, such as in a large, empty room that features a lot of hard surfaces.

These portable room dividers are popular for use as folding office partitions where they can be set up in open plan offices to create temporary meeting rooms or dedicated workspaces. Foldable room dividers can also be used as classroom divider walls, which can minimise distraction for students by acting as both a visual barrier and a noise barrier.

The fabric folding panels can be decorated with pictures, photos, events, student artwork, notes, and more to personalise a space, create a noticeboard, or to act as a striking display which supports visual learners.

When to Use Polycarbonate Folding Screen Room Dividers

As our polycarbonate folding walls offer no sound dampening qualities, they’re best used in spaces where echoing is not a problem, such as rooms that feature a lot of carpet and soft furniture.

The hard, waterproof polycarbonate surface makes soundproof folding room dividers particularly suited to areas that are prone to splashing, staining, and other messes, as they can be sprayed and wiped down for easy cleaning. As the fluted polycarbonate is a medical-grade material, these folding panels are popular for use as folding medical privacy screens in hospitals and medical centres where hygiene is a priority.

These same qualities also make polycarbonate folding partitions popular in establishments where food and drinks are being served, such as in restaurants, bars, and cafes.

The Benefits of Purchasing Folding Partition Screens

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Due to their freestanding and highly portable design, foldable room dividers cannot be expected to be a complete soundproofing solution. We also offer free shipping and installation anywhere in Singapore.

However, foldable partition walls still offer excellent acoustic performance, and come with some additional benefits that you could never hope to achieve with fixed walls or more permanent partitioning solutions.

  • Flexibility: Wide range of configurations to suit any space
  • Portability: Lightweight and rolls smoothly over any flat, indoor surface
  • Cost-effective: Requires no permanent installation or costly building alterations
  • Acoustic performance: Offers sound dampening or sound reflecting properties
  • Easy to store: Folds up and comes with a travel lock for easy storage or transport

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